• My Quest

    In a fast-paced world, we often neglect our inner core, not realizing the silent wounds it carries.
    Stress oxidizes, causing deterioration faster than our spirit's age. But nature holds the key to healingfor me Mushrooms opened my mind and transformed my body.

With its adaptogenic mastery and potent bioactive compounds, they address not just our cells function and intricate equilibrium processes, but also our unseen wounds if we take on the flow of their wonder energy to reach the essence.

For me, Chaga mushroom gives us the most sophisticated outcome from all medicinal mushrooms and in Portuguese, "Chaga" means "Wound".

It's a reminder that we must heal the core, the very essence of who we are.

  • So, let's embrace looking inwards and

    hEal fRom the


  • The Gift From God

    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus). The most extraordinary medicinal mushroom, in my opinion, is known as the 'Gift from God' since its traditional use in Siberian and indigenous North American cultures. Thanks to its remarkable health benefits, it has also earned the title of 'King of Mushrooms' amongst all medicinal/functional mushrooms (Reishi is known as the ‘Queen’).
    This mushroom serves as a tonic for enhancing immunity, combatting cancer tumors, and supporting individuals living in the harshest of conditions since the 12th century.
    Chaga is a slow growing species, taking 3-5 years to fully form, so its richness is immense. We do harvest it sustainably.

    The mushroom has grown on areas where birch trees have been wounded, creating a strong plaster on the tree. The relationship in my view is symbiotic and chaga helps heal the tree’s wounds, on other hand, the birch tree gives predigested betulinic acid derivatives and melano-glucan complexes, which is amazing for us humans to receive these components from natural 'intelligence' sources.

    Chaga heals the core, by protecting our cells and supporting them to function optimally just like it does with birch trees.

  • Above all, the true treasures are all mushrooms.

    For me, Chaga showcases this kingdom of species, but each one definitely has its own unique magic. I am truly excited about the 'awareness rebirth' of these inspiring gifts of nature, now finding its way to the western world during moments when their worth is immeasurable.

    I pay homage to these fungi as the hidden key to rejuvenation in so many ways...


    More than just supplements, please…

    Because I firmly believe that true well-being goes beyond mere external habits, such as altering one's diet or using supplements. VeryChaga is dedicated to providing tools to enhance healing through the synergy of intention and the potent energy of exceptionally high-quality functional mushrooms.

    Setting the intention to transform your ingrained thoughts is a fundamental step in stopping the production of harmful chemicals by your body.

    This presents a heightened opportunity to tap into your innate capabilities.

    As you align with the primal, pure energy that mushrooms embody, you will smoothly tap into your own inner power to confront the core wound. Mushrooms possess a distinctive genetic composition, shaped by their natural origins connecting us with the depths of the Earth and all living things.

  • Your intentions hold the profound ability to influence gene expression and cellular functions.

    We are not just spectators in our lives.

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