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Pure Organic Lion's Mane Extract

Pure Organic Lion's Mane Extract

Brain protection
Cognitive function

Mental Clarity

Nerve Cell Growth

Sustainable Focus

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Lion’s Mane is a very interesting and relevant mushroom to cognitive enhancement, potentially aiding in memory, focus, and protection of the brain.

Research also indicates that it assists in ADHD hyperactive symptoms reduction.

Made bioavailable through ultrasonic assisted water and alcohol extraction.

Functional Mushrooms do not have psychoactive properties.

Lion's Mane offers a rich profile of bioactive compounds, including hericenones, erinacines, believed to stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) production, meaning it will potentiate neurogenesis, which is the growth of new nerve cells in the brain.

Also, Lion's Mane promotes gut health through its prebiotic properties, anti-inflammatory effects, protective effects on the gut lining, and regulation of gut hormones, all of which contribute to a healthy brain-gut axis.

1 full dropper (1.6ml) at any time of the day under the tongue or in your hot or cold drink – it doesn’t change the taste of the drink!


  • Since Lion's Mane gives your brain sharpness, we recommend taking it in the morning or 30 min before a mental task in hands.
  • On the first week, you can use 1,5 dropper and after that, adjust the dosage up or down.
  • Stay well hydrated to ensure best results.
  • Scan the QR code on your pack once you receive it, to access Lion's Mane Inner Power Gateway and enhance your healing.

Mental Clarity | Nerve Cell Growth | Sustainable Focus


Each bottle contains approximately 30 servings.
All our Extracts are 3rd Party Lab tested.
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Pure Organic Mushroom Extract containing:

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane Mushroom
(Hericium erinaceus), cultivated in organic certified substrates sourced from
Nordic forests above the Arctic Circle, Lion's Mane stands as a distinctive
fungus resembling cascading white icicles. It was revered in ancient Chinese culture
for its ability to strengthen the mind and nourish the brain.

In our extracts, we only
use the fruiting bodies of this mushroom.

Spring Water

Pristine natural water sourced from the abundant springs of Finland.

Organic Alcohol

Organic and gluten free alcohol (22% vol.)

  • EU Grown Mushrooms

    Our fungi strains are carefully selected to grow VeryChaga Mushrooms Extracts which yield the greatest amounts of the compounds of interest. The fungi is inoculated in a wild Birch trees Forest for Chaga and for Reishi and Lion’s Mane on the most suitable birch sawdust substrate all planted and sourced from clean Finnish FSC certified forests. We only use Fruting Bodies for Lion’s Mane and Reishi and Sclerotium for Chaga, no mycelium is used as it could lead to a more starchy extract. No Grains, no fillers. NON GMO. Organic Certified.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    Our mushrooms are sustainably sourced, meaning they are harvested in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem, reduces waste, and promotes long-term ecological balance.

  • Certified GMP Facility

    We adhere to strict quality control standards and procedures to ensure the safety, purity, and consistency of our mushroom extracts, which are produced in a facility with FSSC 22000 certification.

  • 3rd Party Quality Tested

    Samples are sent to a 3rd party laboratory for bioactive compound levels as well as microbiological and heavy metal testing.

  • Higher Bioavailability

    The application of ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) allows groundbreaking benefits in optimizing the bioavailability of mushroom extracts. We use purified spring water and hot alcohol in conjunction with ultrasonic cavitation to obtain high yields of bioavailable compounds. Each fungi have a different, unique, and proprietary method of extraction as the compounds of interest are different. Our extraction process ensures that the compounds of interest are more bioavailable so you can experiment the results faster.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    If you are not happy with your VeryChaga Mushroom extract for any reason counting 60 days from the day you receive your product you can return it for a full refund even though we believe that due to the exceptional quality of our products you will experience noticeable and satisfying results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Marta Torres

Este produto é de extrema qualidade, preservando as qualidades dos cogumelos e permite, de uma forma fácil, aproveitar diariamente a capacidade dos cogumelos para modular o nosso sistema imunológico. Gostei também muito da embalagem e do cuidado de utilizar um vidro escuro para preservar a qualidade do extracto. Vou variar os diferentes tipos de cogumelos que existem e vai passar a ser um hábito diário na minha alimentação. Parabéns!

Margarida Alvim
Optimo Apoio

É bom poder contar com pessoas reais por trás duma marca, a Inês ajudou-me sempre a compreender os cogumelos e sinto-me totalmente segura com a minha compra. Obrigada!

Liam Johnson
It's worth it

Incredible results with this Lion's Mane supplement! Noticed a difference in memory retention and overall cognitive function within the first week. Definitely worth the investment!

Clara Fernández
Sorprendente en una Semana

El hongo de Melena de León de Verychaga realmente me sorprendió. Mi enfoque y energía se dispararon en solo una semana!

Juan Martí
Intenso pero Efectivo

La intensidad del sabor es notable, pero se percibe la potencia del suplemento, superando a otros que he probado. Prefiero el polvo, pero estas tinturas parecen tener un efecto más fuerte.