Our thoughts and intentions hold the potential to transform the intricate chemistry and reactions of our bodies. 


They can promote harmony within our own physiology. 

They can change your own gene expression.

They can change external events, after they change us.


“Our minds aren’t passive observers, simply perceiving reality as it is. Our minds actually change reality”

Dr Alia Crum - Assistant professor of psychology and director of the Stanford Mind and Body Lab, Stanford University.


Let’s be aware of the incredible power we wield to bring about change, not just in ourselves, but in the broader world of matter and energy.

Healing the Core is exactly that, this is the challenge we suggest you take on, so you can empower yourself with your innate resources and understand that if you don’t move forward as you’d wish, probably you have a scratch, a wound, inside of you, dragging you, detouring your attention, so if you harness your thoughts, your inner power, you will heal from the core. 

Because when we feel unattached, we completely break free, we surrender, we are in the present, we can then feel the healing and the aliveness happening in our sensory system, it is ‘exponentially possible’. 


We are so strong and determined by nature that we usually just keep going 'crippled and all' by the streets of life… well… a better sensation awaits, you are not a spectator, you are the best and faster resource to change your state.


Look inwards, feel it, scan it, process it and make a shift with your intention, you don’t need to think much, you just need to tell yourself you are not your thoughts, you are you and you can actually just change your internal speech even if it seems stupid and inappropriate to your current perception of the reality, repeat it, embrace that you HAVE THE POWER. Repeat it.

Heal from the Core.






This is a tool to speed the internal energy shift. It's function is to give you an extra boost, a fast track, uniting some mind shaping hacks in one.

We’ve synchronized to the pure healing command that exists in each of the mushrooms’ extracts, we’ve created a subliminal recording paired with binaural beats at a specific brain frequency.


  • Subliminal Recording is a sensory stimuli below an individual's threshold for conscious perception, in this case is a guided instruction of how the mushroom can heal your body. You won’t hear the subliminal recording of the 51 affirmations within your audible awareness, so you won’t hear the instructions! This subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain despite your unawareness. The audio is programmed to bypass the conscious mind.
To learn more about Subliminal Messaging check this scientific experiment  1


  • Binaural Beats are a perception of sound created by your brain. If you listen to two tones, each at a different frequency and each in a different ear, your brain creates an additional tone you can hear.
   This third tone is called a binaural beat. The binaural beat is considered to     enhance brain entrainment (enhanced synchronization of the brainwave       activity). 
To learn more about Binaural Beats check this video by 2
To learn more about Binaural Beats effectiveness check this study 3


  • 5 Center Brain Frequency Bands (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma) are different ranges of electrical activity produced by the human brain, measured in Hertz (Hz), typically detected through an electroencephalography (EEG). There's a correlation of these frequency bands with various mental states and activities. Our approach revolves around activating our INNER POWER by harnessing its remarkable diverse potential. Thus, we apply frequencies associated with specific electrical activities in the body where we anticipate mushrooms will have an impact.


CHAGA GATEWAY (on your Chaga extract pack)

Alpha Waves (8-13 Hz) accelerate healing of tissues and organs, when you're in a physically and mentally relaxed state. 


REISHI GATEWAY (on your Reishi extract pack)

Theta Waves (4-8 Hz) relieves pain and stress, when you're in a low conscious/’daydreamer’ state, task disengagement state.


LIONS MANE GATEWAY (on your Lion's Mane extract pack)

Beta Waves (14-30 Hz) induces concentration and focus, when you're in an alert state, thinking, determined.


How to use it?

  1. Listen to the INNER POWER ACTIVATION GATEWAY through the QR code on your Mushroom Extract Pack, for 15 minutes a day, preferably after consuming your Mushroom extract, to catalyze a potent healing energy, enhanced by the profound connection between our bodies and mushrooms.
  2. Concentrate on your breathing and just relax tell yourself you want to be in the ‘here and now’, more you let your thoughts go, more effective the recordings will be.
  3. Let your body integrate the messages, try not to judge.


Is this too woo woo for you? 


The power of subliminal messages is real, consider what the biggest fast consumer brands have done for many years intentionally, or the beliefs that were passed into us. Why not program yourself with what you actually want and need?


We will say it again… We are not spectators in our lives.


This approach draws inspiration from figures like doctors Alia Crum, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Tara Swart, Deepak Chopra and many others advocating for what we can actually call, is the ‘Placebo Effect’.

They all recommend healing from the inside, using mind-body relation through meditation, knowing it will influence upcoming events in matter related to our magnetic field.


👉🏼 You will find these short Inner Power Activation Gateways on each pack of VeryChaga’s Mushroom Extracts through a QR code. 

We have carefully crafted these recordings gathering a set of propelling technics for your energy to become more effective when your intention is to heal. It could be wrinkles on your face, it could be trauma or a sense of unbalance. Go for it.

There’s a gateway for each mushroom, so you will have Chaga Gateway, Reishi Gateway and Lion’s Mane Gateway.

They are not just about how the mushroom interacts inside our bodies but most of all about the specific system we need to focus on.


  • Chaga – Vitality
  • Lion’s Mane – Clear Mind
  • Reishi – Grounding 


We invite you to practice this ritual, just by starting being conscious of your intention when you do something to your body.


Welcome to VeryChaga, Heal from the Core.